Why Louise Roach walked 55 KM in Jaffna under the blazing sun?

The challenging uptake of white youth

We learned from our Jaffna correspondents about a young British national who walked 55 kilometres on the Jaffna Peninsula. He collected the funds needed to provide de-salinated drinking water to the people of Jaffna. His fundraising campaign was a huge success, and he raised enough money to fund the water project. His efforts were truly remarkable and inspiring.

We inquired about his encouraging story: the young man who came to this country from Britain on a mission to raise funds from Sri Lankans despite them already reeling under humungous economic pressures. Nevertheless, the young man walked for a worthy cause.

Why Louise Roach walked 55 KM in Jaffna under the blazing sun?

Our efforts to contact him bore some fruit after following Dr Sathyamurthy’s clues. We spoke to Louise Roach over the phone to discuss his recent mission. Following the clues, we tracked down Louis Roch, who is known to Dr Sathyamurthy.

Dr Sathyamoorthi

However, the story was quite different from what we thought it would be following our conversation with him. Louise, who was on vacation in another coastal area at that time, described his journey to Jaffna as follows:

Mark PennyI am from Solihull . I have a friend from Sri Lanka who has been to British social clubs. He is Dr. Velayudhan Sarveswaran. In general, various projects are carried out to raise funds to support groups and communities in England in taking on challenging tasks.

Meanwhile, I saw Mr. Mark Penny, Headmaster of Solihull Preparatory School , and his family members, along with Dr. Sarveswaran, organizing several such challenging fundraisers. With the funds they collect, they help Sri Lanka.

The Solihull community, including Mark Penny, recently organized a 50-kilometre walk through the country. It was organized in Windsor, England. Their aim is to provide clean drinking water to people without access to drinking water facilities in Sri Lanka. But at that time, I visited South Asian countries, including Sri Lanka. I could not participate in the march because of this. But at that time, I thought that even though I was unable to join the walk-in in Windsor, I would come to this country and collect funds, walking the challenging 50 kilometres of my Solihull community to raise funds in this country and educate people about it. Accordingly, I traveled 55 kilometres in one day from Jaffna to Point Pedro and other areas.

Mark Penny

Is it like walking in England on the highway in Jaffna this summer?

He answered that question as if he had realized his dream and said it was really challenging. But due to the security provided by the police and the happy response from the people on both sides of the road, Louise said he could accomplish his goals without difficulty.

He owns his own business, and this is his first note about Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is a wonderful, quaint country. This country’s people are also very beautiful. They have suffered from war and economic difficulties in the past. I believe it is our responsibility to make their lives better.”

Louise came to Sri Lanka because of Dr Velayudan Sarveswaran. He was born in Vavuniya and is currently a British citizen. He is an engineer by profession and resides in England. He has been involved in raising funds for Sri Lanka’s needs with the Solhall community, including Mr. Mark Penny, and has done some wonderful work.

At the request of Dr Sarveswaran, Solihull team performed a special community service last year as well. That is, by sponsoring 2199 cataract surgeries. This season, he has sponsored 60 inmates of Welikada Prison as well as hospitals like Colombo Eye Hospital, Anuradhapura, Jaffna, and Kalmune Kilinoch to have cataract operations done. Commenting on this, Dr Sarveswaran says his aim is to help the country’s people regardless of caste, creed, or religion.

According to him, the Solihull community has collectively spent 50,000 British pounds on cataract surgery alone.

Dr Velayudan Sarveswaran

Dr. Sarveswaran, who intends to continue such projects, says it is encouraging to see young people like Louis participating. He hopes to inspire more people to join the cause and do their part to help the community. He believes that if everyone contributes a little, together they can make a big difference. He also encourages other communities to take similar initiatives. In these community projects.


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