The housemaid who worked for Nethicumara was beaten up by the police and died in the hospital


It has been revealed that the housemaid of Sudharma Nethicumara was severely beaten up by the Welikada police while being interrogated about a theft.

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The woman, who was in police custody and later admitted to the hospital in critical condition, died soon after.

Sudharma Neththikumara, a teledramatic producer and an infamous female character, has caused great controversy in the country at one time or another.

Due to the suspicion about the woman’s death, police headquarters conducted a special investigation where a high incidence of assault was proven with evidence. The investigation was conducted by the Special Crime Investigation Unit on the orders of the Inspector General.

After Sudharma made the complaint, the investigators found that the Welikada police went out of their way in an abnormal manner and arrested this woman with great interest. The manner in which she was arrested does not fall within the ambit of the law.

According to reports, the incident is as follows:

Sudharma Nethicumara’s house is located in the Royal Garden Premises, Rajagiriya. On the evening of the 11th, Sudharma Nethikumara lodged a complaint with the Welikada police, stating that the maid in her house had stolen a ring from her.

The domestic helper was a resident of Badulla Demodara Nawalawatte. She was a 42-year-old woman named Rajkumar.

At the time of the complaint, this woman was working as a maid in a house at Cotta Rd., Borella.

Acting on Sudharma Nethicumara’s complaint, the police arrested this woman, who was working in another house on the 13th. She was illegally arrested, taken to the police, and interrogated.

It is reported that during the interrogation, the woman was beaten by the police, and later she had breathing difficulties.

In this situation, the woman was admitted to the Colombo National Hospital in critical condition on the 13th around 6 p.m.

The woman died within an hour of hospitalization. The coroner’s inquest has returned an open verdict on the death.

It has also been revealed in the investigation that, at the time of the incident, the OIC of the Welikada police misled the higher officials of the police who inquired on the matter.

It is reported that this woman has left the residence of Nehthikumara, stating that she is unable to work with the employer. She has never been accused of theft before.

The Police Special Criminal Investigation Unit is investigating.

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