Tamil people gather to protect Sri Tissa Buddhist Viharaya KKS.

In what is called a magnanimous gesture towards fostering religious amity among different communities, a large number of Tamil people around Jaffna have come forward to protect and cultivate cordial relations with Sri Tissa Buddhist Vihara in Kankasanthura, Jaffna.

The Tamil people in the area came to the temple in a large procession and listened to a sermon by the head of the temple, Ginthota Nandarama Nayaka Thero. After the special Buddha Puja, all the Tamils tied pirith threads and received blessings from the monks.

Then the Tamil donors and the Viharadhipati held a “Bath Dansela” (distribution of rice and curry) for these people, and the people of Jaffna who participated in it said that there should be absolute harmony between the religions, organize protests against religious activities, and refrain from vandalizing places of religious reverence.

This program was attended by a large number of ordinary people who appreciated religious freedom in Jaffna and the participation of youth in fostering religious harmony.

Arun Siddharthan, a politician and social activist in Jaffna, has turned these residents into a group that has very close relations with the Sri Tissa Viharaya.


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