Sri Lanka summons Canadian HC to protest on Trudeau’s remarks

Foreign Minister Ali Sabry summoned the Canadian High Commissioner Eric Walsh to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs yesterday (19), and condemned and rejected outright the statement issued by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made on 18 May 2023.

Minister Sabry stated that the politically motivated statement was divisive and was issued for domestic political consumption in Canada. Sri Lanka vehemently rejects this unsubstantiated allegation of ‘genocide’ relating to the country’s almost 3 decades of terrorist conflict perpetuated by the LTTE.  He observed that the inaccurate and provocative allegations in the statement will lead to polarizing Sri Lankans at this particular juncture when the Government is working towards economic stability, peace, and reconciliation for all.

He emphasized that the arbitrary and erroneous use of ‘genocide’ on Sri Lanka is driven by a small section of the politically motivated anti-Sri Lanka elements in the Diaspora with a separatist agenda.

As a long-standing bilateral partner, Sri Lanka would urge the cooperation of the Canadian Government and encourage a mutually supportive relationship between the two countries, whilst constructively engaging the community of Sri Lankan heritage in Canada to work towards realizing our common objectives of inclusive development and sustainable peace.

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