Puttlam MP Ali Sabry was fined 7.5 million rupees!

Puttalam District Member of Parliament Ali Sabri Rahim, who used his privileges as a parliamentarian to smuggle 3.5 kg of gold and 91 smart phones, got all his smuggled items confiscated by Sri Lanka Customs.

 The smuggled items are worth more than Rs. 70 million, and the MP was fined Rs. 7.5 million, customs sources said.

The formal investigation launched by the customs regarding the smuggling of this stock of gold and smart phones through the Katunayake VIP lounge was completed today (24) at around 4 a.m.

The MP paid the fine early today (24) and left the Customs headquarters.

This formal customs inspection was conducted by N. P. P. Premaratne, Senior Deputy Director of Customs, of the Customs Revenue Conservation Division.

Following an inquiry, the Customs confiscated the stock of gold biscuits, jewellery, and smart phones that had been smuggled into Sri Lanka by this MP, and this MP was also ordered to pay a fine of 7.5 million rupees.

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