Protest against Northern Governor PMS Charles in Jaffna

Dinasena Ratugamage –

A group of Jaffna people held a protest today (19) near Municipal Council Road against the appointment of Governor PMS Charles who was appointed to the Northern Province for the second time.

The protestors claimed that as the governor for about three years PMS. Charles worked in the North but during that time she did not do any service to the province or listen to the people’s problems.

The protestors said that she has been reappointed as the governor by the President not because of her talent but only because of her contribution by staying in the Election Commission to protect the power of President Ranil Wickremesinghe’s government.

The protestors shouted that there are many corruption charges against her and that investigations should be conducted immediately regarding the illegal property earned by her family during her tenure as governor and she should be arrested.
Earlier She also worked as the District Secretariat to Jaffna

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