Posie Parker claims she’s been banned from YouTube

Posie Parker

Anti-trans pundit Posie Parker claims she’s been banned from YouTube because a ‘trans-rights activist’ repeatedly reported her content.

Parker – real name Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull – is known for her anti-trans rhetoric and has made headlines for touring her chaotic ‘Let Women Speak’ events across the UK, Australia and New Zealand. At least one tour date saw neo-Nazis dressed in black openly marching at the event and giving Nazi salutes. 

Most recently, Keen-Minshull has blamed the vicious beating of a 14-year-old gay schoolboy in Navan, Ireland on trans people. 

In a tweet on Thursday (18 May), Keen-Minshull implied that the teenager was attacked because “the T attached itself to LGB and forced itself down everyone’s throats”. 

“Everyone has a duty to sever the links between the LGB and the T,” she wrote, before adding in a separate comment that “the backlash will not spare those that saw this coming and tried to save the LGB kids”. 

Now, the anti-trans activist says she’s been temporarily banned from YouTube. 

In a video shared to her Facebook page on Friday (19 May), Keen-Minshull said she couldn’t speak to supporters from her YouTube channel because she had been “repeatedly reported” by a trans-rights activist. 

“I can’t talk to you on YouTube because some horrible rabidly-obsessed TRA [trans-rights activist] has decided to repeatedly report me.

“And it’s funny because they think they’re very clever and they’re not. And they think they conned women and they haven’t,” Keen-Minshull said.

She claimed that the person in question wants to stop her talking to women and said she thinks it will be “a really long time” before she’s able to post on YouTube again, before using the rest of the video to plug a diamante t-shirt and a range of beach bags and rant about parents’ rights. 

Keen-Minshull’s YouTube page is still active at the time of reporting and she has 80.6K subscribers. Her last livestream was four days ago. 

Keen-Minshull told PinkNews that “trans-rights activists are opposed to free speech” and confirmed that she had been temporarily banned from the video-hosting platform. She said: 

“I am a fierce defender of free speech and as such wouldn’t dream of trying to prevent those I oppose from putting out content.  Even bad ideas deserve to be heard.  

“‘Trans rights activists’ are opposed to free speech and fear words that challenge their fragile ideology, they are censorious authoritarians.  

“They are on the side of the establishment and large corporations, hence being successful in getting my channel temporarily banned. They should beware of the pitchforks they wield as they will eventually turn on them.”

On Twitter, trans groups and allies celebrated the apparent ban, with one New Zealand-based user posting: “This just in from the UK: TERF Kellie-Jay Keen aka Posie Parker f**ks around and finds out.”

PinkNews has reached out to YouTube for comment.

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