Pastor Jerome cancels his return from Singapore last minute!

Controversial Pastor, Jerome Fernando, who was scheduled to return last night from Singapore has canceled his flight at the last minute Air port sources told Lankasara.

Pastor Jerome Fernando was scheduled to arrive in Sri Lanka yesterday (21) at 11.45pm on Singapore Airlines flight SQ 468, but he called the airline and canceled the trip at the last minute, these sources said.

It is reported that he is currently spending time with his family members in Singapore and yesterday (21) he participated live in a religious service held in Mirihana area through video technology and announced that he will be able to see in Sri Lanka by the morning of today (22).

He has said that he apologizes if any of his comments have offended Buddhists, Christians or Muslims.

Sources said that due to a statement he made regarding Buddha, the Criminal Investigation Department has started an investigation on Pastor by order of the President and an investigation is also going on about his assets. However, the reason why he canceled the trip has not been revealed yet.

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