MP Ali Sabry of Puttlam was arrested while smuggling gold!

Puttalam District Member of Parliament Ali Sabri Rahim, who attempted to smuggle 3.5 kg of gold worth more than 75 Million Rupees into the country, has been detained by customs this morning (23).

It is reported that the customs officials have received information regarding the gold smuggling of Ali Sabri Rahim, who arrived in Katunayake on flight FZ 547 from Dubai at 9.45 this morning. According to that information, the customs made relevant checks and arrested him while trying to use the VIP terminal to illegally bring this stock of gold into the country using VIP privileges.

Internal sources say that they are currently taking notes from the MP. It is learned that a special investigation team arrived from Colombo and has taken him and another person who was with him to Colombo for further investigations.

Ali Sabri Rahim is a Member of Parliament of All Ceylon Makkal Congress.

The customs spokesperson, who at any other time addresses the media and gives statements, did not answer the phone calls at this time.

However, today (23rd) this matter was discussed in the parliament.

Harshana Rajakaruna, Member of Parliament of Samagi Jana Balawega, told the Parliament that the investigations regarding Member of Parliament Ali Sabri Rahim, who has been arrested for trying to carry a stock of gold illegally, should be conducted without political interference.

“We have received a short message regarding the arrest of MP Rahim. This act of the member of parliament is prejudiced to all 225 members of parliament because society can consider all of us as smugglers. Therefore, it is important to conduct a proper investigation on the arrested member of parliament,” said the member of parliament Rajakaruna.

Former President Maithripala Sirisena agreed to the proposal and said that an impartial investigation should be conducted into the incident.

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