Indian Navy too deploys !

13 vessels are already carrying out search operations in the deep sea, 700 Nautical Miles off to the south of Sri Lanka, in search of capsized Chinese fishing vessel Xinhua reports. According to Xinhua three Chinese navy ships and two foreign ships, are carrying out on-site search efforts currently.
Meanwhile Indian NAVY announce that in a swift humanitarian action on 17 May Indian Navy too deployed its Air MR assets for the search operations.
The Chinese deep-sea fishing vessel Lu Peng Yuan Yu 028 capsized last Tuesday (16th) in the central Indian Ocean with 39 people onboard. The Marine crew included 17 Chinese mariners, 17 Indonesian mariners, and five Filipinos.
China says that additional ships and aircraft from several countries will arrive to participate in the operation.
During the search operations, two bodies have been recovered by the teams yesterday but their identities have not been declared so far.

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