Final rites of Nethasa, daughter of veteran beautician Thirani Peiris today

The funeral of Miss Nethasa Peiris, the daughter of veteran beautician Mrs Thirani Peiris, who passed away suddenly, is scheduled to take place today (17) evening. Remains of Nethasa, who passed away while studying medicine at Monash University in Malaysia, have now been brought to Ms. Peiris’ Bambalapitiya home and the last rites are to be performed at the Borella Cemetery this evening.

According to family sources, post-mortem examinations revealed that the cause of the sudden death of Miss Nethasa Peiris was a severe drop in her blood sugar level, and she died after being admitted to the hospital. She has been residing in an apartment, although many phone calls were made to her from home she hasn’t answered them.

Then the family members sought help from her friends to look out for her. During the search according to the request to her friends to look for her and with great effort broke the door locks of the room and approached her. A close family member told Lankasara that there was a glucose packet near her at that moment and she must have taken it because of the understanding that her sugar level would decrease.

However, she died after being admitted to the hospital and doctors concluded that she died due to hypoglycemia. Speaking to Lankasara, a family member of Thirani Peiris further stated that she had been living a vegan life for about 10 years now.

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