Debate on PUCSL chairman Janaka Ratnayake’s removal today!

The proposal to remove Janaka Ratnayake, chairman of the Public Utilities Commission, is scheduled to be debated in Parliament today (24) and voting will be held in the evening. This debate is scheduled to start at 9.30 am today.
In 2020, Chairman Janaka Ratnayake was appointed by former President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa. Recently he came under criticism by the government over his objections to the electricity tariff hike proposed by the government. On the basis of that, the Electricity Authority was asked to submit a motion for his removal to the Parliament and Energy Minister Kanchana Wijesekera took relevant steps action.
Accordingly, it was decided to take this debate to today and remove the chairman, it should be passed by a majority vote of the parliament. At present, all the MPs representing the ruling party have been informed by the ruling party chief organizer Minister Prasanna Ranatunga to participate in this debate and polling, and steps have been taken to cancel the foreign trips of the ministers.

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