Cher marks 77th birthday with hilarious message about her age

Cher smiling wearing a black coat and blonde hair, stood against a purple background with white writing on it.

Pop goddess Cher has celebrated her 77th birthday in the most Cher way possible – by hilariously mocking the very concept of age.

In addition to being an actress, activist and best-selling pop star, Cher also knows a thing or two about social media management. For the past decade, her – let’s call them slightly strange – tweets have been the best thing about the often-criticised Twitter.

From her calling Boris Johnson a “f*****g idiot”, to the time she used the platform to question “What’s going on with my career?,” Cher’s use of the app has been a source of joy.

Continuing her stream of content, the “Believe” hit-maker addressed the fact that it was her birthday on 20 May by stating that she still does not feel old in the slightest.

“OK, will someone please tell me… when will I feel old? This is ridiculous,” she wrote, accompanied by the praying hands emoji, the baby emoji and the eye-rolling emoji.

“I keep hearing these numbers, but I honestly can’t understand them. What’s the deal with #’s? I’m dyslexic and #’s are hard for me.

“Thank you for staying, I know it’s been hard,” she added. “Got to go work out. Twitter is harder for me than TweetBot.”

While Cher has proved once again that she is the timeless icon of our generation, she has absolutely no issue poking fun at how old she is.

In 2015, when a fan tweeted Cher a photo of herself from the 70s and asked when it was taken, the Mo star responded with: “Dinosaurs were still roaming the Earth.”

In response to another tweet, where a fan suggested Madonna had fallen over at the 2015 Brit Awards because she was old, Cher quipped: “Funny but mean. Worst part… I’m at least 100 years older than Madge.”

Madonna has frequently found herself as source material for the Mamma Mia Here We Go Again star’s hysterical online antics. Asked how she celebrated Madonna’s birthday in 2012, Cher replied with potentially one of the best tweets of all time: “I got a colonic.”

In March, it was reported that the she was working on two new albums with her partner, 37-year-old rapper Alexander Edwards. Cher confirmed that she was in a relationship with the musician in November, although rumours have been circulating in recent weeks that the pair have since split up.

And in December, she wrote on social media that her mother Georgia Holt had died at the age of 96.

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