Champika Ranawaka rejects Baiyo, Toyio, and Kaiyos

The newly launched  Republican United Front leader, Mr Patali Champika Ranawaka, while addressing the inaugural convention of the United Republic Front, said that his party does not need Bayio (the politicians from the backwoods who have no knowledge of politics or statecraft), Toyio (the more sophisticated type), or Kaiyo (the political boasters who don’t accomplish any work), and what is needed is to make this party a platform for Waddo (people who could work and deliver).

Similarly, he said that his party does not want lazy scoundrels.

Our group consists of people who turned the loss-making Electricity Board into a 2000-crore profit-making entity, the group that promised to reduce the oil price by transferring four tenders, disputing those who said that the price of oil cannot be reduced, and the team that repaired the 70-year-old oil pipeline system.

He pointed out that his group has talented and skilled engineers.

Mr. Ranawaka also mentioned that his party, including himself, was able to build the port city within a period of 26 months despite the reluctance of the President and that his party has the plan to turn the already bankrupt country around within three years.

The leader of the new party said

“In order to finance our country, we need a sustainable socio-economic market. A country does not develop just by eliminating corruption. There must be a financing system. We have the necessary plan for it. A sustainable built environment. We have a program that could ensure a fulfilling life. Earlier, we created the theme of green energy.”

“With that, we started solar power plants, and now those plants are generating 700 megawatts. We created major wind power plants. In the future, we will introduce transport systems to strengthen public transport. We are strengthening transport so that people can travel easily and comfortably.”

He mentioned that today is Sri Lanka’s Republic Day, and the beginning of his party was brought to this day because that day is very important.

He explained that even though there are 83 parties, the country needs a new party, and there must be a party that will stop the collapse of the country in a short time and create a positive transformation. Similarly, he explained that politics such as Muslim, Sinhalese, upland, lowland, religious, and alumni politics are no longer suitable for Sri Lanka, and to get rid of this crisis, we need to get rid of such politics on religious and communal lines.

He further stated that his aim is to hand over the country to the future generation by making it a good country, not to consolidate his power by doing family politics.

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