A panel of forensic medical experts needs to exhume Dinesh Schaffter’s body!

In a written request, the panel of medical experts who were appointed to perform a fresh post-mortem inquiry into Dinesh Schaffter’s death has sought the court’s permission to exhume the body of businessman Dinesh Shafter in order to ascertain the cause of death.

However, Colombo Additional Magistrate Rajindra Jayasuriya refrained from issuing an order regarding this request and decided to seek the opinion of the prosecution. A further magisterial inquiry into the matter was fixed for May 24.

On February 27, the Court appointed a five-member panel of medical experts to perform a fresh post-mortem inquiry into the death of businessman Dinesh Schaffter in order to ascertain whether the death was murder or suicide. The five-member panel comprised Professor Asela Mendis (Chairman), Professor B.C.R. Perera, Professor D.H.S. Fernando, and two JMOs, Dr. Siva Subramanium, and Dr B.R. Ruwanpura. They have been tasked with performing a fresh inquiry to determine the actual cause of death of businessman Dinesh Schaffter.

The aggrieved party had highlighted several contradictions and inconsistencies in the first postmortem report compiled by the Colombo Judicial Medical Officer.

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