100,000 inferior Anaesthetic injections distributed hospitals


The Alliance of Medical Practitioners for Medical and Civil Rights states that the Medical Supply Division has admitted that 100,000 inferior anaesthetic injections have been issued to hospitals throughout the country.

They say that the supplier doesn’t have proper credentials and has not registered with the National Medicinal Drug Regulatory Authority.

These drugs, imported from India, were recently withdrawn from use due to various complications after administering them to patients.

It is reported that after the use of this injection in about five hospitals, the patients developed some complications, so research was conducted in the laboratory of the National Medicinal Drug Regulatory Authority, and as a result, it was confirmed that this drug is unfit for use in humans.

The National Medicinal Drug Regulatory Authority has written to the Director of the Medical Supply Division to inform that this anaesthetic injection is not registered as a drug with the National Drug Regulatory Authority.

The National Medicinal Drug Regulatory Authority, which informs that the injection should be withdrawn from use immediately, has informed in writing that the Medical Supply Division must accept the consequences of using it after this notification.

The letter also states that the matter should be taken up immediately and properly inquired about the company that manufactured this medicine within 28 days.

The Ministry of Health has taken steps to remove this drug from use. Authorities should take steps to inquire about the supplier and take the necessary action.

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